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The Simple Things

Published August 6, 2014 by stonidee

What's not to LOVE?

I love these moments. Then sometimes they’re annoying. Other times adorable and endearing, funny, and cute. Sometimes “extra”.
It’s the simple things☺.
The way my son, Jowell sticks his dirty feet under my shirt and props them up on my back.


A riot!

How my daughter, Sanai asks me random questions she already knows the answers to. And how my baby girl, Jewel climbs into my lap to lay then suddenly swings her legs and feet WHEREVER my face is😂.


She actually has her "big girl teeth" now 🙂

The simple things.
My son mastered how to torment his oldest sister before he reached two… terrible two😜. Now four years old, he’s a happy lil’ veteran. She? NOT so happy lol. Oh and when ” twin power” kicks in I have to put on my “no game face” and gear up (mentally) to calm the full out slaughter storm of screams, slaps and “Mooooooooooooom!” , that is bound to happen. The simple things.
I’m sure it’s much more fun to watch than participate. But I’m more often stuck with the latter:roll:. They’re so cute and funny. Ok no. They’re downright NUTS!

And I love every bit of them and all that makes them. 🙂


Ok so maybe we're ALL nuts 😉

The truth of the matter is it’s MY mood that determines how I embrace the tender actions of my babies. No matter what, I’d take theirs over an adult’s any day lol!

I wonder what they would say of ME ;).


Completely normal 😉

*’Til next time, folks*

Before I Begin…

Published March 4, 2013 by stonidee

I have soooo much to do today!
Kids’ breakfast and HOMEwork (they’re homeschooled…temporarily)?  Check.
Online bill payments?  Check. UGHHHH!! Hate giving money away, yet love the peace it brings.
Housework? Welllll… I’ve started but decided to hide away in my quiet space (bathroom) for a lil’ blogging.

Meanwhile my three beautiful rugrats sing, argue, fuss, and whine over…well…EVERYTHING!!!
The hubby’s gone off to a short workday so they’ll have a legitimate reason to scream my name, “Mommyyyyyyy!”, only. Notice I said LEGITIMATE because even when daddy’s home, my name seems easiest for them to shout lol.
My weekend was pretty darned decent!
Friday night I saw one of my very favorite singers, Brandy, LIVE and ohhhhh what. a. show. In my very valid opinion (lol), she is one of THEE BEST live singers to do “it”. I mean goodness, the woman didn’t even mess up! Not one off note. Not one bad riff.
I enjoyed that wonderful experience with my best girlfriend and two of my other favorite girls and fashionalistas. I think I just made that word up lol!
I’m sure the taxicab drivers enjoyed our short stays (side eye).

Saturday, in comparison to Friday, was very… sssssslllllllooooooowwwwwww. Almost unbearable until it hit me of just how long it really had been since I’d had some fun out with friends.
So yeah, my Saturday was pretty normal, for me. I just have gotten so used to being indoors surrounded by children, books, drumsticks, and a broom in my hand with Lion King playing in the background, that I’d forgotten what it was to let my hair down amongst my grown girlfriends with traffic, strange bystanders, and blaring music surrounding us.
So thanks ladies! Let’s do it again…SOON!!!!

My Sunday was filled with thanks to God and calmness. I always appreciate that.

Welp, I have to leave my quiet space and enter into my REAL world…which I also appreciate.
The functionality of my home depending largely on me is my norm.

I’m cool with that ;)!

                                                                                              Stonetically Yours,