What A Journey!

Published August 16, 2012 by stonidee

I wish I could remember EVERY bit of thought that enters my mind and write it down at the very moment (s) it happens. However, I’m not always prepared with pen, pencil, paper, and WordPress lol.

I relish in so many precious moments worth remembering forever…the good, bad, and ugly.
So many lessons, trial and errors, and tribulations. The going throughs and overcomings.

Through it all, the things that make the world turn. The reasons life is worth living. The FAITH that pushes through that needed inch.
THAT’S what keeps me going and going STRONG!

My faith in God; my marriage; my husband, best friend, life partner/mate; my children; ambitions, hopes, and dreams for not only myself but also the ones I love…yeah *smile* I CAN MAKE IT! I WILL MAKE IT!
Because I have the guts to endure every bit of all I go through and to see it make me a better me.

Wounded but NEVER defeated!

                    Stonetically yours
                      *winky wink*

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