Road Trip of Love, Laughter, & MORE Laughter

Published February 3, 2012 by stonidee

Presently, I’m on the road with my husband, John. He has a traditional “9 to 5” job and is a professional musician but those that know him well know that he missed his “calling” as a comedian.

The guy is NUTS!!!

He’s driving. Oh, forgot to say that this is a 2 hour drive. Just us. No kids. But the laughter going on in this vehicle is VERY MUCH child-like!!
We are huge lovers of…OLDIES MUSIC. See? I knew it! Get your head out of that filthy gutter!! I wasn’t going to say that! *side eye* ( villainous laughter). Cut it out Stoni!!
Anyhoo, the music play list going on is wonderful and John’s sing along, included in the music package, is no doubt PRICELESS!
I mean, from Chaka Khan to The Delfonics, Isaac Hayes, and the GREAT Curtis Mayfield. This man is going IN! Hand motions and all! Okay, I did a few moves with The Delfonics’ “Didn’t I Blow Your Mind”. Oh Lord, help me! He just put on “Backstabbers” by The O’Jays!! He basically yelled the whole first line!! And clapped the break down of the music. I LOVE it!!
If he’s not acting like the radio disc jockey of that time or the late Don Cornelius (R.i.p.) introducing the next featured artist our group, his aim to please you with laughter, accompanied by tears never falls short. I PROMISE. The perk of being his wife is this comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! I’m a blessed and favored woman I tell ya!!

John is making this ride worth my every while and the best part of it all is…WE’RE ABOUT TO STOP AND GET SOMETHING TO EAT!

He really LOVES me!! Peace ya’ll!!!!!!lol

Stonetically yours,


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