The World of A Weirdee

Published February 2, 2012 by stonidee

Yeah I said it! Hello, my name is Stoni Dingle…and I’m a weirdee.

*blank awkward stare*

It’s 8:30ish and I’m up, sitting on the sofa, in the dark.
Yeah, it is light outside but I haven’t opened the blinds yet. Purposely.

Every now and again I peek up at the curly q’s hanging over my forehead like wild grape vines over a garden fence.
If I look for too long, my eyes cross lol.

My heat setting is on auto.
Wait, wait, wait! Ok, I’m a singer that loves a good imitation. Just keep that in mind for about 2 minutes, k?
As the heat blows I’m humming along with…at 8:30ish…no, now 8:45 in the a.m.
My husband’s been gone for work about a good 2 hours now and the kiddies are still asleep (but not for long, especially if I keep this humming up lol).
As I hum, I concentrate on the slight tickle of vibration I feel against the inside of my cheeks *quiet giggle*.

In my living room is a huge wall mirror. The old fashioned kind you only see in houses at least 20 years old lol.
Welp, I’m quite the mirror enthusiast. *side eye* Ok! I just like to look at myself in mirrors! There! I’ve said it!!!
Anyhoo, while humming I’ve been staring at the little hand and fingerprints on the mirror, guessing which print belongs to which kid. Need on the placements, I gather that about 90% of them belong to my son…also a mirror enthusiast lol.

My neighbor directly next door, ( I’ll leave out “her” name lol) always gives me a good laugh with all of her yelling, “not so nice” choice words, & singing the great gospels…almost all in one lol.
Like right now.
She and her husband, both senior citizens, live alone. So majority of the time, the only talking (or singing) I hear besides the feisty lil couple is their television.
But ohhhhh when “she” gets going! And ohhhh when “he’s” said or done something she thinks is “stupid” or “retarded” or “a@$ backwards”. And when she thinks he should “f$&@ off” or “go the h-e-double hockey sticks to bed”…yeah, I do laugh. Shoot me.

I love old people.

I’m such a weirdee. I like my version of “weirdo” best because weirdo simply does not sound fun!. People often use the word as if it were a horrifying contagious disease or some ooey gooey lump of lifeless enigma.

Doesn’t sound so good, now does it?

But when you hear “weirdee”, the “ee” on the end adds a feeling. A feeling of play. As if to say,”It’s okay.”

I find humor, sanity, & comfort in some of the strangest, “weirdest”, “non-traditionally existent”(don’t think that’s really a term, but I like it & I’m sure you get my point), things. And that’s okay! This is what makes me me and I, in no way apologize for it!

I am a weirdee. WHO ARE YOU?

Stonetically yours,


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