Destined for Greatness!

Published January 31, 2012 by stonidee

You know, I believe you can find revelations in the smallest things…and people.
Watching my children, Sanai (3 1/2), Jewel & Jowell (18 months), so much is revealed about theimage directions in which they’re headed.

I see they’re all musically gifted at their young age, as their father and I were.
Sanai sings more than half of the day…everyday. And she’s good…no…awesome at it too! I mean, the girl can really hold a proper note & sustain the right keys in songs, making it very easy to know what she’s singing if you already know the song and be able to learn it if you don’t.

Jewel, my baby girl, not even 2 years old yet, also displays her love for exercising the melodies in a song.
Her vocabulary is growing I see! You know how I know? I actually begin singing along because I know what song she’s singing! Go Jewel!!

The most adorable thing is when both sisters are singing at the same time. Jewel, mimicking her big sis. Music to mommy and daddy’s ears:)!

Jowell, my only son and Jewel’s twin brother, has already continued the family way of musicianship. Which way he’ll end up is the debate amongst some lol, but for now, he’s definitely a drummer…like his uncle. His dad plays the bass guitar.

Sorry dad!

But even he started out on drums, then keys and bass. So as I said before, who knows what lil Jowell will end up taking to permanently.

My girls also respond, very well I might add, to the rhythms of music through swaying & shaking (sometimes too much lol) . Aka…dancing. Maaaaaan, and do they MOVE! No matter the speed or volume, if they hear it, they’re moving. Sanai, the more coordinated & skilled of the two, dances as if she’d already rehearsed for the song and it’s now “showtime”. Jewel, the mimic, watches big sis intensely while copying & releasing quite a few of her own.
Haaaa! I LOVE it!
They soooo remind me of myself, coming up.

Jowell leaves the dancing to the girls but provides drumming and percussion lol.

Sanai is a quick learner and shows she actually likes learning!
I don’t know many kids that get excited about school work. I said I…maybe YOU do.
Jewel is always eager for the crayons. Quite the scribbler she is. Jowell? I think he’s done eating them. Lol

Sanai, only 2 almost 3 years older than the twins, has already established herself as THE BOSS.
I see she’s caught on that her siblings are now understanding more than they can actually say. So she doesn’t cut them any breaks.
Oh, but let mommy or daddy reprimand them through strong tones and it’s,”they’re only baaaaabieeees!”.

Bless her lil heart.*side eye*

I could keep going but, I just wanted to let you in on a FEW things and what it all reveals to me.

And that is, I birthed future singers, musicians, dancers,  teachers, and leaders… the best at what they do because they practice!

It reveals to me that my children are DESTINED for GREATNESS!!

          Stonetically yours & proud,


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