All Around

Published January 27, 2012 by stonidee

So I’m sitting in my living room chair looking all around me. My husband’s a bit under the weather so he’s home today. I’m sort of happy about that. He deserves a three day weekend…just not a sick one:(.
My daughter is quoting lines from a movie she’s only seen all of three times…but in between last night & now.
The twins are in the kitchen, in their high chairs, eating, banging,& moaning (yes, moaning…my lil weirdees).

Coughs, sneezes, and runny noses are taking precedence in the midst of all of this LOVE around me:).

    It’s a rainy, let’s-lay-around-and-watch-movies-all-day, kind of day. I can dig it. Well I could. If I could. But I can’t.
See, being that I’m a stay at home wife/mommy , until next month, I have an issue with just sitting/laying around. I can’t and won’t do that.
I can’t because I have three extremely active toddlers always looking to “explore”. Not to mention they’re home schooled (with emphasis on my almost 4yr old).
I also can’t because with toddlers around, there are always things to pick up, wipe up or down, and just clean altogether. Oh, and I like the house clean when my BIG baby gets home *winky wink*.
Now, why I won’t. Well, I’m not lazy for one. Nor am I sick or disabled. While hubby goes to work to provide for our family, I am to be home…providing for our family. Some may call that being old school. I call it teamwork.
I mean, holding down the fort while my help meet’s away is a part of our partnership.

Can you dig it?

Whether I’m up super early or lag behind in time, the job gets done. Rain or shine.

Ohhhh but when I’m done…and the babes are sound asleep…THEN…THEN is MY time! Time to watch a movie for grownups, write, blog *winky wink*, or just reflect.
Sometimes I get to do that during the kids’ nap time. So my time also comes. Rain or shine.

I can dig it.

    Next month begins a new job for me. I’ll be back on the clock after almost 3yrs too long lol. I’m excited about that. I’ll tell more about that later.
I wonder how the jobs at home will pan out then *smile*. Should be interesting. But they’ll definitely get done.

Rain or shine.


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