The Everyday Entertainment of a Wife, Mommy, friend & Weirdee LOL

Published January 26, 2012 by stonidee

Well, here I am…wide awake at 1:59 am. One of my 18 month old teething like 4 teeth at once, whiny, fussy, angry babies in my arms. Yes, I did say “one of”. I have three toddlers (one turning 4 in less than two weeks & 18 month old boy/girl twins). I’m holding, rocking, & pacing the living room floor…PRAYING her back to sleep…in my mind. I PRAY it works…ASAP…in Jesus’ name…*looks up*.
    Meanwhile, hubby (John), toddler #1(Sanai), & twin b (Jowell aka Jojo) are S.O.U.N.D. asleep. Umm, literally. Sounds of snoring. Different yet consistent varieties. Not too shy of a twisted breathing symphony. *looks up again*.
     Okay, my lap baby (in this case, arm) is now a limp 20lb+ weight. *looks up yet again*, thank YOU Father!!
    *sigh* So, I’m new to blogging. Well, actually WRITING a blog. Please excuse my “style” of writing. I feel most at “home” writing the way it naturally comes out. So, if you’re an English major or PROFESSIONAL journalist…you may find yourself raising an eyebrow…sometimes two LOL.
I’m not “grammatically challenged”…just “stonetically unique”! Lol.

I suppose I’ll take this time to introduce my self….
HELLO! My name is Jamelia but I very seldom ever hear myself referenced as that. You’d probably be more likely to hear “Stoni”…like Jada Pinkett-Smith’s character in one of my favorite movies, “Set It Off”.
That’s actually EXACTLY where I acquired the nickname.
So if you’re still wondering where I came up with “stonetically unique”, THERE YOU GO!

    You know, I find myself ever the more amazed at how far technology has come. I’m blogging from my cell phone! My FREAKIN’ CELL PHONE!!! Oop! Which is currently losing battery life rapidly, so I’d better get that good ol’ charger before I end up dreaming of throwing my phone in the lake of fire. I know, why get mad at the phone…it can’t charge itself. Yeah, I know. So what*shrug*.

    Hmmmmm…*tapping chin*…okay, so…yeah, WHO AM I?
I am a woman believing, standing, & walking(sometimes running & tripping) in the christian faith.
I am married (5yrs this past December) to one of the most humble gifted & coolest brothers I’ve EVER encountered in my 30yrs of living.
You already know I have three children…oh! I have a rather large family (counting the in-laws) & a few…literally like three consistent…close friends. Only one being my best.

I enjoy writing…anything my mind conjures up and singing…anything my heart feels melody worthy.
I live for quality time spent with my husband and children.
Those guys are HILARIOUS and I’d NEVER trade the wholesome, meaningful feeling they add to my being.

Okay, it’s now 2:44am and my eyes are heavy and on fire, yet I’m feeling a strong urge to “go in” on this bloggy thingy.
I’m just gonna continue tomorrow…whenever I get a vacant moment.

This feels right. Fun. I’m down. Join my walk (sometimes run & trip) through my everyday entertaining life.
I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed!*wink*


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