Mommy duty

Published January 26, 2012 by stonidee

Welp, my little ones are up & at it! All with colds (that could’ve been avoided) & one teething something major…MOLARS!!

So my eldest, Sanai, 3 , says, “Mommy, I want to blow my nose with the hot water!”
What she means is for mommy to work her “magic” & make a home made steam bowl for her to breathe in to open up her nasal passages, making breathing more pleasant versus her impacted snot tunnel lol.

Her little sister, who I featured in the debut of my blog, is currently showing off her acrobatic skills. Using mommy as her mat & swing. The poor baby’s doing everything but pulling her hair out behind these mean, aggravating teeth taking complete control of her mouth & mind.
Those lil suckers are whispering things like, “Who cares if your mom gets sleep at all!”
She even has a “stand up policy”. Yep. That’s right. No sitting allowed. You MUST stand while holding me & no, you may NOT lean against a chair for support when your legs begin to buckle & give way!
May I add, my Jewel is the….”heavier” twin.
I’m so in love w/the dramatics of BOTH my girls.
I won’t down play it though cause I’m sure I wouldn’t want to trade places with EITHER of them. I can be real and acknowledge the FACT that most of their dramatics were inherited from…*long heavily drawn out sigh* …YOURS TRULY.
I’m such the baby & truly not the easiest to deal with when not my healthiest.

Praise the good Lord I’m rarely ever ill. 🙂

While allllll of this takes place, “my peace” sits quietly & ever so calmly by.
My son, Jojo.
My breath of fresh, cool air.
I stroke his hair to let him know that in all of this, he is definitely NOT forgotten.
He just smiles at me & procedes to his busy task…whatever that may be. Beating his drumstick on whatever is in his path, throwing ANY given (or not) object down the stairs (both sets) to watch tumble to sometimes a crashing death.
But hey, anything is better than tears or painful screaming so  hit & toss away, my future musician/pro ball player!

My babies need & depend on me. I can dig that. I’m quite familiar with the feeling. I too had a mommy (r.i.p. my love) & now get to enjoy the everyday entertainment of the joys & sometimes pain (in the legs) of the GIFT of motherhood.

I am honored & blessed!

Til next time folks!
   I am stonetically unique…Stonidee!


One comment on “Mommy duty

  • I love this stoni…and keep up the great work…because ur a great example at how a Wife, Mommy, Friend and wierdee should hold it down, lol….love you and I will continue to tune in.

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